Triple Crown Blackberries

The Triple Crown Blackberry Plants are the newest thornless blackberry. The Triple Crown Blackberry is named for its three crowning attributes: flavor - productivity - vigor. Excitement begins when the Triple Crown Blackberry bushes ripen from roughly July 10 to about August 10 in most areas. This thornless blackberry variety yields large, glossy black fruits that are firm and have the capacity to produce larger berries than any other variety that we have seen.

Hall's Beauty Blackberries

The Hall’s Beauty Blackberry is a new, early-ripening, high-quality, firm, and sweet thornless trailing blackberry cultivar with extremely large and attractive double flowers. Introduced in 2018, this blackberry variety produces large, conical and uniformly shaped fruit that are very firm, sweet, and desirable for fresh market consumers. Marion blackberries, Boysenberries and Silvan blackberries make up the Hall's Beauty pedigree. The berries are available locally in Oregon to enjoy fresh, or can be used year round from frozen.

Freedom Blackberries

The first thornless self-pollinating, primocane-fruiting variety - produces very large, flavorful, attractive purple-black berries on year-old canes very early in the season and on first year canes late in the season, providing two crops of delicious fruit each growing season. An excellent variety for home gardens in cool summer regions, ideal for fresh eating. Deciduous.

Primark 45 Blackberries

This revolutionary, new, primocane variety bears abundant crops of berries on current season wood. No pruning required, just cut plants to the ground in the fall. From an Arkansas breeding program, Prime Ark 45 fruit ripens in early to mid-September and is large and sweet with classic Blackberry flavor