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Farm Store


Closed for the Season!

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed our Farm Store this summer! We closed the Farm Store on Labor Day weekend for the season. You can still find our berries in your Local New Seasons and select Market of Choice stores, as well as the Farmer's Markets that we attend! We are so excited and looking forward to next summer! 

Open Seasonally 
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9AM - 6PM
Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 9AM - 4PM
Closed for 2022 Season! Thank you!

Come join us for berries, food, dessert, fun, and a good time!

We are so excited that summer and berries are on the way!

Unger Berries
Fresh Produce
Gift Items
The Berry Café

The Berry Cafe

This year, we are changing up the menu a little bit. Due to supply chain issues and increased prices, we have temporarily discontinued the sandwiches and salads that we serve from our café. While we are hoping to continue these products next summer, we are selling our popular Strawberry Milkshakes and Berry Waffles. Please see the menu below for the Berry Café.

Berry Milkshake - Choose from Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, or Mixed Berry. A wonderful                                                    summer treat that includes Unger Farm berries and Vanilla ice cream.
Berry Lemonade - Classic Lemonade with Unger Farm's berry puree.
Italian Berry Soda - A little twist on the classic Italian Soda. Club soda, your choice of Unger                                                          Farm's berries, a splash of cream, and topped off with whipped cream.
Berry Smoothie - Choose from Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, or Mixed Berry. Yogurt, Unger                                                       Farm's berries, ice, and hint of sugar is a classic blend for everyone. 
Classic Berry Waffle - A fresh baked Belgian Waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream. 
Ice Cream and Berries - A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a scoop of freshly chopped                                                                                               strawberries. 
Yogurt Berry Parfait - Vanilla yogurt, your choice of Unger Farm berries, and granola layered perfectly                                                                                    for a delicious treat. 
Fruit Bowl -
Seasonal fresh berries topped with a brown sugar and sour cream dressing makes for a yummy                                                                                       and simple treat! 


Unger Farm's U-Pick is a great summer activity. We have U-Pick available for multiple varieties and berries. To U-Pick at our farm, there will be a white tent outside of the Farm Store which will be the entrance and pay station for the field. Please check in with the employee at the white tent before walking to the field for further instructions and updates. We are so excited to be able to provide this fun event for the community!

U-Pick will not open for any other berries this season. While we appreciate the support and the willingness to come out and pick, we just aren't ready for U-Pick this year. U-Pick Hood Strawberries will return and U-Pick for the other berries will return in the future. Please check back next year as plans and produce always changes!

Thank you.



 We have plenty of parking, it is a gravel parking lot, handicap parking available right in front of the Farm Store.  Please be cautious of people walking and stirring up dust (drive slow). 


 At times we may run out/sell out of berries, if you'd like to be sure we have something in stock, please call ahead.  We are no longer reserving berries but you can at least make sure we have plenty in stock before you make the drive out. 

Pet Policy

We allow pets in our lawn area only. No pets are allowed in the farm store or on the farm store deck. 

Pets must be on a leash at all times. 

Owners are responsible and liable for all actions of their pet.

Owners must clean up after pets immediately. 

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