CSA Membership

Experience the best produce of an Oregon summer with Our CSA Membership!

Embrace the farm-to-table journey with our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, a 16-week program that serves 3-4 people with a delightful array of fresh, seasonal produce. Every week for 16 weeks you will get a box of the freshest produce Oregon has to offer during the spring and summer.

A Unger Farms’ CSA Membership is perfect for someone who loves farm fresh produce and is excited for new items weekly, getting produce that you can test out in new recipes. 

Our target date to start the CSA is June 10th, having it run through the end of September. We guarantee 16 weeks, but the timing will be weather dependent.

There are two different types of CSA boxes:

  1. Pick up or Delivery: You can choose to pick up your CSA at the farm at 34180 SW Unger Rd, Cornelius. There will be pick-up opportunities two days a week. Pick up is $520 for season. Or you can get it delivered to your house, there will be two delivery days each week. Once we know who has signed up, we will let you know what day it will be delivered. The delivery CSA costs $640 for season.
  2. Regular CSA or Berry Add on CSA. All our CSA will come with a touch of fruit, for instance a pint of berries, some apples or plums when they are in season. For people who want a lot of berries in addition to their CSA can purchase a berry add on. Those customers will get a mixed half flat of berries with their CSA weekly, the berries will be farmer's choice.

We plan to plant, beans, peas, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, different varieties of peppers, potatoes, herbs, beets, kale and more. You will also occasionally get some fruit like berries, apples, plums, and pears. All your produce from the CSA will be grown at Unger Farms, so you know the quality will be high and the produce fresh.

For further details, explore our FAQ below or reach out to us with any questions at membership@ungerfarms.com.

CSA Membership FAQ

What is the Unger Farms Guarantee?

The Unger Farms guarantee is our way to say there is no pain in trying Unger berries. If there is something wrong with them we will work with you to try to fix the problem or make sure you get a refund.

What is the delivery area?

We deliver to the west side of the Portland Metro area. Including Portland, Tigard, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego and more. Click here to see a map and the zip codes we deliver to.

For the pick CSA, when and where is the pick up?

We will designate two days a week for pick-up. Once we know how many  people have signed up and what days we are delivering, we will reach out and let you know the days for pick-up. Pick will be at Unger Century Farm, 34180 SW Unger Rd, Cornelius, OR [note: this is not the same location as the previous Unger Farm Store]. We will designate pick up hours, on the weekday, we will go into the early evening if people are trying to pick up after work.

When will my box be delivered?

We plan to designate two days a week for delivery. Once we know who has signed up and where they live, we will reach out about which day of the week we will deliver. If you are already a delivery subscriber before the CSA, we will deliver you CSA with your regular delivery.

What if I am out of town for the week?

You will be able to pick up your berries at farmers markets and at the farm stand located at 34180 SW Unger Rd, Cornelius, Oregon.

In 2023 we were at the Thursday Aloha market, Saturday PSU, Hollywood, Beaverton, Hillsboro markets and Sunday Hillsdale and Orenco markets. In 2024 we’re looking to expand our market locations. We will know by April what new markets we’ll offer so you have plenty of time to plan your pickup. 

How will the second half of the CSA be billed?

The payment for the second half of your CSA will be billed 5 months after your original payment and reservation. We will email you before it is billed and will be automatically charge to the card you made your original reservation with. If you need to change it, you will be able to do that in your customer portal or by reaching out to us.

Is there a delivery fee for the CSA box?

The delivery fee for the CSA is included in the delivery membership. There is a cheaper, pick-up option that includes no delivery fee.

Can I choose the berries if I do the berry add-on?

Unfortunately, no. Because the CSA delivers multiple times a week, our CSA deliveries will use the berries that we have and we can’t guarantee certain varieties. You’ll get the freshest berries around, but we can’t guarantee what we’ll have on hand. If you want to certain varieties delivered every week, you can order them through Unger Delivery with a subscription and they’ll get delivered on Fridays.

How much fruit will be included in the base box?

It will be a little bit of fruit, a pint or two of berries, some apples, pear or plums that we have available on our farm.

What other fruit will I get if I do the berry add on?

We will make sure that some of the fruit that is in season that we don't have at the farm is included occasionally. For instance, peaches are great in-season and we will work with other local farmers to include them if you get the berry add on.

Are the berries organic?

No, we practice sustainable farming and make sure we are following and researching the best available options for the health of the plant and fruit it produces, but we are not organic. We follow IPM (integrated pest management) which involves a lot of scouting and watching the overall health of the plants and make informed decisions on the needs of the plant. 

I am already a delivery subscriber, will I be able to get vegetables?

Yes! Delivery subscribers can and should sign up for our CSA too - if you sign up, your CSA will get delivered on the same day as your Unger Delivery. In addition to the CSA, some of our vegetables will be available to purchase piecemeal through the delivery service. If you think you want vegetables consistently, it’s best to sign up for the CSA, it’ll be cheaper for you, and it’ll help our farmers plan out planting and crops for the season.

My question is not covered on this FAQ?

Great! Reach out to us at membership@ungerfarms.com. Maybe we will add it to the FAQ, often times people have the same questions.