Sautéing/Stir-frying Swiss Chard or Kale


  • A tablespoon of oil, olive is likely best 
  • A couple of cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • Your greens
  • Some salt

Clean the greens really well and get them dry - for stuff like Swiss Chard and the Kale, laying it flat and patting it with paper towels works pretty well, you can also use a salad spinner, if you got one. 

Lay the greens on top of each other and slice them - I like mine ½ inch thick, but you can do it however. The thicker they are, the more unevenly they’ll cook. The kale you get in the CSA is easy to stack, some of that wrinkly stuff you get at the store is harder. 

Heat the oil in a fry pan (or you could use a Dutch oven because there’s lots of volume here and you need to stir your greens) on medium heat. Make sure you have something that can cover the pan (a lid or you can use a baking sheet if you need to). 

Toss in the garlic, cook for a minute, until slightly brown. 

Toss in the greens, stir and coat with the oil - if there’s not enough oil, add a little! Of course! Once the greens are coated, let them cook a little in the fry pan (about a minute) and then cover them with the lid for a minute or two, until they’ve wilted. 

Remove the lid, salt, stir, serve!

Sautéing/Stir-frying Swiss Chard or Kale
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