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Welcome to Unger Farms

For over 100 years, the Ungers have been farming on what we think is the best and most beautiful land in all of Washington County, Oregon. Now the fourth-generation, along with their children, are happily carrying on the family farming traditions while adapting and growing to meet your needs. Today, Unger Farms specializes in providing the best berries, the healthiest eggs, and the freshest produce to farmers markets and your doorstep with our home delivery service.

Its Oregon Summer: Time for berries and more!

Unger Century Berry Farms has been growing Northwest Oregon's best berries for over 30 years! We are excited to offer FOUR different June bearing strawberries including Albions, Hoods, Mary's Peak and Sweet Sunrise. In the following months, get ready for a variety of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries!  This summer we'll also be offering our very own fresh vegetables and eggs at our farm stand and through our delivery program.

You can get your berries at markets, or delivered to your house. Check out the berry timeline below to find out approximately when your favorite berries will be available.

For the most up to date information on what berries are available and where, follow us on facebook and instagram.

A couple of notes about the 2024 Berry Season. We do not offer U-Pick, check out this website for a bunch of great farms that do. Also, we have closed the Farm Store on Johnson School Rd. If you want berries during the week, check out farm stand, details here.

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  • Unger Delivery

    We deliver the farmer's market to your doorstep. This is a weekly delivery program. During the winter we have farm fresh staples, like eggs, milk, bread, cheese, and other local goods. During the spring and summer we have the best fresh produce Oregon has to offer. Sign up for you first delivery today and see for yourself.

    Unger Delivery 
  • Oregon's Best Berries

    Since 1982 Unger Farms has been growing some of the best berries in the Northwest. We pride ourselves on hand picking quality berries, each pint filled to the brim, and giving every customer the best part of the Oregon summer. We sell our berries at farmers markets throughout the Metro area and at local grocery stores.

    Oregon's Best Berries 
  • Farm Fresh Eggs

    We believe happy chickens make the very best eggs. Our chickens have it all: fresh air, quality feed, and tons of room to roam around. With three different varieties of chickens, our eggs are colorful, delicious and fresh. You can taste the difference in every egg you crack. Order your first dozen and you will never go back!

    Farm Fresh Eggs 
  • CSA and Berry Memberships

    In 2024, we are offering two ways to prepare for the fresh produce of summer. Berry memberships: by becoming a Berry Member, you can reserve berries at a discount before they sell out. With our CSA, you can get garden fresh produce all summer long delivered right to your door. Order by March to make sure you there is one available.