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Thank You!

The Farm Store is now closed for the 2022 Season. Thank you for your support in our farm. We will be attending the Farmer's Markets for a few more weeks while the berries allow. Please check our social media and website for current announcements!

Night Picking 2022

Night picking is not ideal, but it is one of the best ways to keep our pickers safe and cool with the hot summer days. It also helps us get berries picked before they become to burned or unsalvageable. We are so lucky to have such a hard working picking crew that is willing to work all night. Using head lamps, large moveable stadium lights, and flashlights, the crew is able to see what they are picking from the plants. The crew starts at 9pm and will usually finish around 6am. Though sometimes they use that morning sunlight to be able to see the blackberries they are picking. It is so important to us that we are able to keep our pickers safe while working. Keeping them out of the heat is the first step, keeping them hydrated and cool is important, as well as providing enough light and lamps for them to be able to see in the pitch dark fields. Once again, we couldn't thank this team and crew enough for being able and willing to pick all night for us. So that we can provide berries for you during the day!

2021 Highlights

Farmer, Greg Unger, featured in Capital Press regarding the recent heat wave and how we navigated night-picking to help employees and the harvest!

Capital Press.png
Night-harvesting during extreme heat days allowed us to keep our employees safe and save the berry harvest

Exciting news to start 2021!

Happy Retirement to founders, Matt and Kathy!

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