In 2023, Unger Farms got new 4th generation Unger owners, continuing the long family tradition of farming. We specialize in quality Oregon berries, farm fresh eggs, and delivery of local, farm produce straight to your door.

Pictured new owners: Katie and Chris Bolton with children Henry and Pete, Will Unger with children Rebecca and Weston, Melissa Unger and Matt Fildes with children Huck and Zeke, Ben Unger and Laura Simmons

Our Story

In 1906, Frank Unger bought a farm in western Washington County, launching a tradition that has now lasted four generations and over 100 years. When Frank started farming he grew a little bit of everything but his most important crop of all is the one that’s still growing today - family. By the end of his time on the farm, six children had been born. One of those six, William (Bill) Unger took over the farm next. Bill married Margie Vandehey, had eight kids, and grew potatoes, goats, grain, alfalfa, and strawberries for over 30 years. In the 1970’s, it was the next generation’s turn, and two of Bill’s sons, Steve and Matt Unger, took over the family farm by starting Unger Brothers, a farming partnership that kept the farm in the family.

  • Frank Unger on Farm

  • Margie Unger on Farm

  • Margie and Bill with family

  • Matt and Steve Unger

After many years together, Steve and Matt decided to set out on their own. Steve focused on grains and cucumbers from the original farmland. Matt focused on berries on a new farm about a mile down the road on Iowa Hill. While they were no longer business partners, they remained best friends. Over the next 30 years, Steve and Matt built their own farms and families. Steve, with his wife Sue, raised four children by harvesting wheat, oats, and clover. Matt, with his wife Kathy, raised their four children and focused on strawberries including Hoods and other Oregon berries building a well-known fresh market farm business, Unger Farms. In 2023, Steve and Matt’s farms were reunited as Unger Farms under the leadership of their children.

Today, Unger Farms continues to have the highest quality berries, and it’s now also expanded to fresh vegetables and eggs. In addition to their famous farmers market stands, Unger Farms now delivers farm-fresh eggs, milk, and in-season produce and berries to customers throughout the Portland metro area. The current owners are just like everyone: juggling kids, jobs, hobbies, and a farm and believe people should be able to get local, farm-fresh produce to their door.

  • mom and dad

  • Matt and Kathy Unger with three kids

  • Steve Unger Planting

  • Katie planting with kids

  • Matt and Kathy Unger

  • Matt Unger with kids at an early market

  • Pre-Purchase Berry Membership - 12 half flats

    Noah Unger-Schulz at a market

  • Farm stand

  • Matt and Kathy's grandkids

  • Steve and Sue's grandkids

  • selling veggies at the farm

  • Melissa planting with kids

  • First strawberry of the season

  • View of the century farm

  • View of the century farm

  • View of the century farm