Berry Membership

Become a berry member and reserve your farm-fresh berries while directly supporting our farm in the off-season. 

Unger Farms berry members get: 

  • Discounted berries: By pre-purchasing berries, you get a 10% discount now and all the berries you buy during the season. 
  • Reserving the berries you want: Our berries can go fast, especially during Hood strawberry season. With a membership, you can reserve the berries you want weekly and then just stop by the market or farm stand when you have time. No waiting in line, your berries will just be waiting for you. 
  • Support local farming: By pre-purchasing berries, you invest in the farm and support our ability to maintain and buy the plants and work needed to grow the region’s best berries. 

There are two types of memberships: pre-purchase and basic

  • Pre-purchase: Pre-purchase members buy 6 or 12 half flats (a half flat is 6 pints of berries) in advance that can be picked up at participating farmer's markets throughout the summer. Pre-purchase members get a 10% discount on their pre-purchased half-flats as well as any additional half-flats they buy throughout the summer. 
  • Basic: Basic members get a 10% discount on all the berries they buy throughout the summer. 

Both pre-purchase and basic members get the opportunity to reserve their half-flats in advance all season long. 

As we get closer to berry season, berry members will get access to an online reservation form where they can pick the berries they want that week - members are free to mix and match berries in a half flat. Every week, you will get an update about what berries are available so you can make your reservation and choose where you will pick up the berries. You can pick up your berries at 8 different markets or the farm stand, more details below in the FAQ.

Berry Membership FAQ

What is the Unger Farms Guarantee?

The Unger Farms guarantee is our way to say there is no pain in trying Unger berries. If there is something wrong with them we will work with you to try to fix the problem or make sure you get a refund.

How will I be able to reserve berries?

You will be asked to reserve berries no later than noon the day before your pick up. For instance, if you pick up at the PSU Market on Saturdays, you will need to get your reservation in by Friday at noon. Every week we will update you on the berries we have available and you will be able to fill out a form about what kinds of berries you want and where you want to pick up.  You will need to pick up the day you reserve the berries by the time the market closes or the farm stand closes. After you sign up for membership, more details will be sent to you in early May so you have plenty of time to reserve before the berries start!

How does the discount and reserve membership work?

If you choose to reserve weekly, you will be able to pre-pay with your discount and walk up and grab your reservation. If you don’t reserve, you can go to the farm stand or a market and use your discount to buy what we have available at that time.

When and where can I pick up my berries?

You will be able to pick up your berries at farmers markets and at the farm stand located at 34180 SW Unger Rd, Cornelius, Oregon.

In 2023 we were at the Thursday Aloha market, Saturday PSU, Hollywood, Beaverton, Hillsboro markets and Sunday Hillsdale and Orenco markets. In 2024 we’re looking to expand our market locations. We will know by April what new markets we’ll offer so you have plenty of time to plan your pickup. 

Can I choose the type of berry in my reservation?

You will be able to reserve the berries that are available at the time. You will be able to reserve a single berry or half/half of two different berries, or a mixed box where we will choose a mix of the berries that are available that week. Information about what berries are available will be on the reservation form when you fill it out.

Can I choose different varieties of berries?

During June strawberry season, we will allow members to choose between Hoods, other June strawberries, and Albions. Reservations will be limited by supply, and we may have to substitute strawberry varieties if we run out. We will always do our best to get you the berries you want! Outside of strawberries, members can reserve by berry type - blackberry, raspberry, blueberry - but not by different varieties of those types. 

If I reserve, do I need to stand in line?

No. You can’t pick up your membership until the market opens, but you should be able to walk up to the side of the stand and someone will grab your reserved box for you. We work to have all the membership boxes set aside.  We will hold your reservation until the market closes.

Can I pick up more than one half-flat at a time?

Yes! You can pick up as many as you reserve. For pre-purchase members, you could pick up all half flats at once, if you wanted. 

Can I get my berries delivered? 

Berry memberships are not eligible for delivery. Members pick up their reserved berries at participating farmer's markets. If you want berries delivered, you can always buy them through a regular subscription with Unger Delivery and get them delivered to your doorstep at the full half-flat cost. The 10% discount is not eligible for Unger Delivery.

What about New Seasons berries?

Berries at New Seasons or any other grocery store are not eligible for the discount and can't be pre-purchased or reserved. The berries available at the farm stand and farmer's markets are eligible for the membership benefits.

Can I use my 10% discount on Unger Delivery?

No. Currently the Berry Membership and Unger Delivery are separate. You can use your 10% discount at markets and the Farm Stand.

Are the berries organic?

No, we practice sustainable farming and make sure we are following and researching the best available options for the health of the plant and fruit it produces, but we are not organic. We follow IPM (integrated pest management) which involves a lot of scouting and watching the overall health of the plants and make informed decisions on the needs of the plant. 

I heard the farm store closed, can I still pick up berries outside of markets?

Yes! We will have a farm stand that is nearby where the farm store once was. The farm stand will be open throughout the week and at least one day on the weekend. We will have set hours before seasons starts. The farm stand will be at the Unger Century Farm, 34180 SW Unger Farm, Cornelius, OR, 97113. It will sell berries, eggs and vegetables if we have them available. 

How will I get a discount?

You will have a membership number and we will also be able to track your membership by your name when you buy berries at any markets or the farm stand. 

What if I don’t use all my pre-paid flats?

You will need to use all your pre-paid flats by the end of the season, they will not carry over to the following season. If you are not able to use them all, you can definitely reserve for a friend and have them pick it up under your name.

How many pints are in a half flat?

There are 6 pints in each half flat.