Farm Fresh Eggs

We prioritize making our chickens the happiest chickens in town. With room to roam, outdoor space with plenty of fresh air, and locally produced feed we work to make sure our chickens have all they need to produce the best eggs you can find in the area.

Each dozen of our eggs are collected weekly, brushed off with a dry rag, and refrigerated. Our goal is to keep the eggs as fresh as possible before they get to your home.

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  • NOVOgen Brown Chicken

    If big brown eggs—and lots of them—are what you want, then you want Novogen Brown Egg-Layer chickens. These egg-laying champs have a superior ability to adapt to any number of environments, and you’ve got a near-perfect egg-laying chicken.

  • Color Pack Blue Chicken

    Most color pack hens will feather out to be a rust or reddish brown color, with some darker striping, closely resembling their Cream Legbar ancestry, but some may also be cream colored. ColorPack hens will develop a top crest and will lay blue, green, brown, and even pink tinted eggs!

  • Dominant Copper Chicken

    This unique breed is a high-production cross between a Black Copper Maran male and a Barred Rock female. With a feather color that displays its Black Copper Maran heritage, this breed forages well. It will produce an impressive copper-to-dark chocolate-colored eggs.