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Raw Honey 1 Pound Bulk Locally Farmed

Raw Honey 1 Pound Bulk Locally Farmed


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Honey Flavor

We stock this honey in 3 flavors:

Blackberry Honey

Made from the very crops of berries that we deliver, this super yummy honey has notes of the blackberries themselves!


Wildflower Honey

Requested from many of Portland's foodies, wine country, and the cheese industry; Bee-Licious Honey has introduced Oregon hazelnuts into the wildflower honey. Oh my, the deliciousness in this jar is over the top!

Start with a semi-soft or salty cheese place on a plate and pour this honey over the top. Enjoy this mouthwatering combination with a cracker toasted bread or a spoon


Meadowfoam Honey

This rare single source Oregon varietal honey has a deep amber hue and a velvety texture. Combine that velvet texture with flavor notes of caramelized custard, marshmallows with hints of crème brûlée, and burnt sugar. 😋


Like everything we do; we guarantee you'll love it or your money back with our No Omelette Guarantee.

If this honey isn't OMG YUM 😱😋 ....we'll give you your money back. It's printed right on the jar!!

Those wooden honey dippers....don't forget these!

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