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Half Gallon Schoch Dairy Whole Milk (includes refundable deposit)

Half Gallon Schoch Dairy Whole Milk (includes refundable deposit)

Schoch Dairy

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Schoch Dairy’s (pronounced Shock) award-winning milk is whole, just as it comes from the cow on Schoch Dairy Farm in Hillsboro. All the milk we sell comes from the cows on Schoch Dairy Farm, unlike larger creameries.  The whole milk is $5.49 and $2.50 for the glass bottle deposit.

Schoch Dairy Farm bottles its milk in reusable, half-gallon clear-glass bottles. Milk in glass bottles tastes better than milk stored in paper or plastic containers.

The dairy  is state-inspected and approved.  The milk is pasteurized, which kills harmful bacteria. However, it's not homogenized, so cream rises to the top of the bottle. You can mix the milk again by shaking the bottle before pouring. We do not sell raw, unpasteurized milk.

There is a $2.50 glass bottle deposit fee added to the purchase of every bottle.  $2.50 will, in turn, be credited for every bottle returned–just leave them on your doorstep on the date of your delivery (We will only take bottles from Schoch Dairy. Please throw away the caps).

Please leave a cooler with ice packs on your doorstep on the morning of your delivery day or request our driver to knock.

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